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Ammunition Products

6th Edition Ammo Encyclopedia


by Michael Bussard


The brand new 6th Edition Ammo Encyclopedia - For All Rimfire and Centerfire Cartridges, Plus Shotshells! has been expanded to 1,008 pages divided into 103 chapters. This new edition contains hundreds of listings for current and obsolete handgun, rifle, and shotgun cartridges since the mid-1800s, including detailed information, specifications, and measurements on rimfire, centerfire, and shotshell cartridges.

The most important feature of the 6th Edition Ammo Encyclopedia is the expanded 16-page color section, along with the industry's hottest cartridges. Many sections have also been updated with additional information, charts, and new images. Without question, this 6th Edition Ammo Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive book ever published on the wide variety of both current and older ammunition!


Hurry- last year's edition sold out quickly!!

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Game Ammo Poster

The latest poster from Cartridge Comparison Guide (#10) - Game & Ammo © designed specifically for youth, beginning hunters, and other enthusiasts. In fact, this poster was developed in cooperation with Hunter Education instructors to develop a superior teaching tool. This poster should open the reader's view to the range and breadth of game animals that can be hunted on the world stage, while providing a strong sampling of proven cartridges for hunting these animals. The Game and Ammo poster is an exciting and very beneficial visual aid. The context, proximity and overall arrangement should encourage good and informed discussion as well as correctly couched questions from anyone who reads it.

Poster size: 18 in. by 24 in.

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Handgun Cartridge Poster

The Handgun Cartridge poster is the 7th member in our cartridge poster series. This poster focuses on Handgun cartridges (revolver & automatic) from all over the world which includes Military, Law Enforcement, and Sporting use.

Heavy emphasis is placed on significant cartridges from the late 1800s up to WWII. These include paper patch cartridges from Europe as well as many of the cowboy cartridges from the Wild West of America. This poster also provides a good illustration of the multitude of 9mm cartridges developed throughout the world post WWII.

This poster also displays many of the uniquely interesting cartridges from all over the world such as the 2.7 and 3mm Kolibris, the Cattle Killers, the Piepers, the Extra Short Protector cartridges, the Nambus, Bergmanns Grooveless, 9mm Mars, as well as the Colt Thuers-Patent and other large handgun cartridges.

The poster is 36" wide and 24" tall. It provides full color images of over 320 Handgun cartridges - all life size (within 4/1000 of an inch). Images are full color on High gloss / High quality 100lb poster paper.

Poster size: 36 in. by 24 in.

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Rifleman Classic Poster

The Rifleman's Classic cartridge poster is full color - 38" wide and 26" tall. Images are all actual size (within 4/1000 of an inch). The poster includes all American Standardized Rifle Cartridges (as of 2013) and many British, European, Russian, and Asian Rifle cartridges. The poster also displays many WWI and WWII Era cartridges from all over the world that are now used in hunting applications. It also includes some large caliber anti-material cartridges such as the 50 BMG, 12.7mm Russian, 13X92mm MSR, 55 Boys .5 Vickers, 14.5mm Russian, 60 AT, and 20mm. These are also included because some interesting Wildcats are being produced off of these cases.

The poster contains 272 unique rifle cartridges.

Poster size: 38 in. by 26 in.

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American Standard Bullet Poster
The American Standard poster is the 1st poster in the Cartridge Comparison Guide series of cartridge posters. It is the forerunner to the Rifleman's Classic, Handgun Cartridge poster, British Cartridge poster, and both the Wildcat Big Bore poster and Standard and Obsolete Big Bore poster. This poster is full color - 36" wide by 24" tall and includes all American Standardized Cartridges (Rifle, Handgun, and Shotgun) available in the USA as of Jan. 2013. In addition, some standardized military surplus and a few bonus cartridges are included. This poster represents Standard American Manufactured Cartridges. Wildcat, Historic, Obsolete, and foreign cartridges can be found in the other available posters.

The rifle selection includes all standard hunting cartridges from the 17 caliber Mach 2 up through the 505 Gibbs and 577 Nitro. It also includes historically significant factory available cartridges such as the 348 Win, 404 Jeffery, 450/400 Nitro, and 500 Nitro. Standardized Military surplus such as the 5.45x39, 6.5 Carcano, 6.5 Jap, 303 Brit and the 8x57 Mausser.

The Handgun section covers modern cartridges from the 17 HMR up to the 500 S&W. It also includes significant cartridges like the 44-40, 38-40, 357 Maximum, 445 Super Mag, and the 45 Win Mag.

The Shotgun section includes the 410 and 32 gauge up to the 8 gauge.

poster size: 36 in. by 26 in.

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The Cartridge Comparison Guide 2nd Edition

Original Price $32.95

NOW ONLY $20.00

by Andrew Chamberlain

The Cartridge Comparison Guide is the ultimate hunting and ballistics source, built to help shooters maximize cartridge capabilities and ballistic understanding. The Guide considers every major factory and hand-load source for every Rifle, Shotgun and Handgun cartridge available in the USA. That is over 250 unique cartridges! It then breaks down all of this ballistics data, covering thousands of unique loads, and eliminates the mediocre and anemic loads. The result is a simple and easy to use set of data tables that presents the best ballistic potential, in every bullet weight available, for any cartridge a shooter can buy. Hunters and shooters will gain maximum benefit from a personalized cartridge selection using this book. 340 pages

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Gun Digest Big Fat Book of the .45 ACP
by Patrick Sweeney

Designed nearly a century ago, the .45 ACP cartridge has earned a well-deserved reputation as a superbly accurate, slap-em-down handgun cartridge. An honored veteran of two World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, and lesser conflicts across the globe, the .45 ACP is now more popular than ever for competition shooting, law enforcement, and self-defense. Now, just in time for the .45 ACP's 100th anniversary, handgun expert Pat Sweeney gives us the inside scoop on America's favorite big-bore cartridge. If you own a handgun or carbine chambered for the big .45, or if you're considering buying one, you'll find everything you need in the Gun Digest Big Fat Book of the .45 ACP. 400 pages.

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