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O/U MODEL Get Pricing

same cals. as the O/U Combination Gun, various actions, engraving options, and other special orders.

Model 220E Boxlock Get Pricing

boxlock Blitz action, scroll engraved case hardened receiver, DTs, pistol grip with cheekpiece. Importation disc. 1994.

Model 221E Boxlock Get Pricing

similar to 220E, except has silver-grey receiver with hunting scene engraving. Disc. 1998.

Model 223E Sidelock Get Pricing

sidelock action with scroll or game scenes, removed without tools. Disc. 1997.

Model 323E Sidelock Get Pricing

similar to 223E Sidelock, except has scrollwork or game scene engraving, top-of-the-line O/U double rifle. Disc. 1997.

MODEL 324 O/U Get Pricing

6.5x55mm - .470 NE cal., premium quality pre-WWII double rifle, elaborate scroll engraving and best quality walnut. Disc. pre-WWII.


.30-06 or 9.3x74R cal., boxlock action, 21.6 in. barrels, checkered walnut pistol grip stock and forearm, single trigger, standard Jagd configuration or deluxe with extra engraving. Importation began 2007.

SxS MODELS Get Pricing

same cals. as listed for the O/U Combination Gun.

Model 128 Get Pricing

various cals., scalloped Anson & Deeley action featuring engine turned removable locks and hinged floorplate, elaborate scroll and game scene engraving (on barrels), deluxe checkered walnut stock and forearm, pre-WWII mfg.

Model 132 Get Pricing

various cals., boxlock action with triple Greener crossbolt system, barrels, mfg. from Bohler steel, extractors (Model 132) or H&H system ejectors (Model 132E), DT, elaborate engraving and premium checkered walnut stock and forearm, pre-WWII mfg.

Model 140-1 Get Pricing

Anson & Deeley boxlock action with cocking indicators, double triggers, engraved case hardened receiver. Imported 1994-2005.

Model 140-2 Get Pricing

.375 H&H, .416 Rigby, .470 NE, or .500 NE (new 2006) cal., similar to Model 140-1, except has scroll or game scene engraved silver grey receiver and positive extractors or ejectors, includes fitted leather luggage case. Importation began 2000.

Model 140-2.1 Get Pricing

similar to Model 140-2, except has Africa game scene engraving. Importation began 2000.

Model 140-2.2 Get Pricing

.375 H&H, .470 NE or .500 NE cal., similar to Model 140 2.1, except has more engraving. Importation began 2007.

Model 141-1 Get Pricing

.30-06, .308 Win. (disc.), 7x57R (new 2007), or 9.3x74R cal., Greener crossbolt Anson & Deeley boxlock action with double underbarrel locking lugs, petite frame, scroll engraved silver grey finish, ejectors, DT, deluxe checkered pistol grip walnut stock with cheekpiece and forearm, includes fitted leather case, 6.6 lbs. Importation began 2004.

Model 141-1.1 Engraved Get Pricing

similar to Model 141-1, except has hunting scene engraving and single non-selective trigger. Importation began 2004.

Model 150-1 Get Pricing

Anson & Deeley boxlock action with cocking indicators and sideplates, double triggers, silver grayed receiver with Arabesque engraving. Imported 1994-98.

Model 150-1.1 Get Pricing

similiar to Model 150-1, except has elaborate hunting scene engraving. Importation disc. 2000.

Model 160S-1 Get Pricing

sidelock action with Greener crossbolt featuring fine Arabesque engraving, H&H ejectors, DTs, pistol grip stock with cheekpiece. Disc. 1998.

Model 160-1.1 Get Pricing

similiar to Model 150-1, except has elaborate hunting scene engraving on silver-grey receiver. Importation disc. 2000.

Model 160-2.1 Get Pricing

.375 H&H, .416 Rigby, .470 NE, or .500 NE (new 2006) cal., features octagon barrels, African game scene engraving on silver receiver, includes fitted leather luggage case, special order only. Imported 2002-2006.

Model 161-1.1 Get Pricing

7x57R, .30-06, or 9.3x74R cal., sidelock action built on 28 ga. frame, 21.65 in. barrels, Greener crossbolt with double barrel locking lugs, fine engraved hunting scenes with silver grey sidelocks, H&H ejectors, DT, high grade Turkish walnut pistol grip stock with cheekpiece and semi-beavertail forend, 6.6 lbs. Imported 2006.

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