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GEORGE HOENIG, INC. LONG GUNS George Hoenig builds a unique patented rotary round action O/U rifle, shotgun, or combination gun. Opening is achieved by rotating barrels quarter turn to the right, then sliding barrel assembly forward. Because of this, there is no top opening lever. Standard features include double triggers, extractors, rotary safety on stock, and coin finished scroll engraved frame. Prices for a 20, 28 ga. or .410 bore game gun start at $22,500 (approx. 6-6 1/4 lbs., 12 month delivery time), while the double rifle has a base price of $27,500 (add $2,000 for mag. cals. up to .450 NE), approx. 7 1/3 - 8 1/3 lbs. Combination guns also have a base price of $27,500. During 2009, George Hoenig introduced a four-barrel Vierling (20 ga.x20 ga., .223 Rem., and .22 LR barrels), which has a base price of $50,000. For more information, delivery time, and current pricing, please contact George Hoenig directly (see Trademark Index).

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