SMITH & WESSON EARLY HAND EJECTORS (NAMED MODELS) .32-20 WCF Hand Ejector (Model of 1905 - 2nd Change)
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.32-20 WCF Hand Ejector (Model of 1905 - 2nd Change)

.32-20 WCF cal., 4, 5, 6, or 6 1/2 in. barrel, cylinder and grip specifications same as above, serial number range 33501-45200. 11,699 mfg. 1906-1909 with overlap to the 1905 1st change. There is pricing information available for purchase for this model. This data is available in the following options:

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.38 Military & Police (Model of 1905 - 2nd Change)

.38 S&W Special cal., cylinder barrel lengths, finishes and grip styles same as above. 73,648 (including Model 1905 1st change) mfg. Exact quantity unknown. The second change mfg. in 1906-1909 overlapping the 1905 1st change in a serial number range 73251 to 146899.

.32-20 WCF Hand Ejector (Model of 1905 - 1st Change)

.32-20 WCF cal., 4, 5, 6, or 6 1/2 barrel, blue or nickel, grips same as above, round or square butt. 11,073 mfg. 1906-1909. Serial number range 22427 to approx. 33500.

.38 Military & Police (Model of 1905 - 1st Change)

.38 S&W Special cal., 6 shot fluted cylinder, 4, 5, 6, or 6 1/2 in. barrel, blue or nickel finish, grips same as above. 73,648 mfg. (including Model 1905 2nd change), exact quantity of both models has not been determined. The first change mfg. in 1906-1909. Serial number range 73251 - 146899 overlapping with the 1904 2nd model change.


.32-20 WCF cal., 6 shot fluted cylinder, 4, 5, 6, or 6 1/2 in. barrel, blue or nickel, case hardened trigger and hammer, hard rubber with "S&W" monogram or non-monogrammed walnut grips, round butt style, serial range 1-5311. Mfg. 1899-1902.


.32-20 WCF cal., 4, 5, or 6 1/2 in. barrel, blue or nickel, hard rubber grip also available in checkered walnut, (revolvers manufactured until approx. 1916 were marked .32 Winchester, .32 WCF between 1916-1928, and late production was marked .32/20), cylinder and barrel specifications same as above, with round or square butt grip. 4,300 mfg. 1905-1906. Serial number range 18126-22426.

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