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.223 Rem. cal., 16 or 20 in. chrome lined barrel, gas operated rotating bolt, short piston drive, 10, 20, 30, or 42 shot mag., black, tan, or OD Green finish, with or w/o 9 in. Picatinny rail, right or left-hand ejection, synthetic stock, 7.2 lbs. Disc. 2015. There is pricing information available for purchase for this model. This data is available in the following options:

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6.8 Rem. cal., 16 or 20 in. chrome lined barrel, 10, 20, 30, or 42 shot mag., black, tan, or OD Green synthetic stock, with or w/o 9 in. Picatinny rail, right or left-hand action, 7.2 lbs.

STG-556 Gebirgsjager Limited Edition

similar to STG-556, engraved Edelweiss flower insignia, except includes all OD Green finish, 1.5x CQB optical sight, 6 in. Picatinny side rail, three 30 shot mags., OD Green Currahee knife with nylon sheath, Giles sling with Uncle Mike's sling swivels, custom Pelican 1700 green case, and certificate of authenticity.


5.56 NATO or .300 AAC Blackout cal., GPO, bullpup design, 16 1/2 or 18 1/2 in. chrome moly barrel with dedicated sound flash suppressor, 30 shot mag., 9 in. Picatinny rail, re-engineered bolt carrier, black composite stock with quick detach shell deflector, improved trigger modual, 2-position safety, 7.2 lbs. Mfg. 2013-2015.


.308 Win. cal., GPO, bullpup configuration with pistol grip and rear detachable mag., 18 (Carbine), or 32 (Target, disc. 2012) in. barrel with A2 style flash hider, Picatinny rail, front ejection from tube located above barrel, 10 or 20 shot mag., accepts FAL type mags., tilting breech block design, ambidextrous controls, black synthetic lower, adj. trigger, choice of black, OD Green (disc. 2016), or tan finish (disc. 2016), 8.1-11.3 lbs. New 2009.

AUG S.A. A3 M1

.223 Rem. cal., GPO, design incorporates use of advanced plastics, short stroke piston, 10, 30 or 42 shot mag., integral Swarovski scope or Picatinny rail (24 in. heavy barrel only), 16, 20, 21, or 24 in. barrel, green composite stock (original bullpup configuration), rotating breech bolt, later mfg. was black, desert tan (disc.), Mud, OD Green, or white stock, 7.9 lbs. Importation resumed mid-2006.

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