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- BB/.175 or .177 cal. pellet or dart, SP-slide cocking, smoothbore 2.5 in. BBL, die-cast, twenty-shot spring-fed BB magazine, forerunner of nearly identical Model 1010, black paint or chrome finish, early production marked "Los Angeles 25", later ones may be marked "Torrance, Calif." Sears Model 1914 with "Sears" cast into sideplate instead of "Marksman". Styrofoam box base appeared in 1967. 1.7 lbs, 8.75 in. OAL. Mfg. 1958-1977. There is pricing information available for purchase for this model. This data is available in the following options:

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- BB/.175 or .177 cal. pellet or dart, SS, SP, one-stroke cocking by sliding top of receiver, 2.5 in. smoothbore BBL, black paint or chrome finish, die-cast body, Morton Harris markings. Variation one: rotating cover in left grip over an ammunition storage area; marked "Beverly Hills, Calif." Apparently produced only in 1955 in very limited numbers. Variation two: without ammunition storage area; marked "Los Angeles, Calif." 1.5 lbs., 8.75 in. OAL. Mfg. 1955-1957.

MODEL 1010/1010C/1010H/1010HC

-BB/.175 or .177 cal. pellet or dart, slide action cocking, SP, smoothbore, 200 FPS, die-cast, 20-shot spring-fed BB magazine, black paint, brass, or chrome finish (Model 1010C), fixed sights, and holster (Model 1010H). Mfg. 1977-present.

MODEL 2010

- BB/.175 cal., slide action, SP, 230 FPS, black composite frame and silver chrome finish slide. Mfg. 2006-2011.


- .177 cal. pellet, SSP, over-cocking, polymer frame with finger grooves and cast aluminum slide, black finish, 410 FPS, adj. rear sight, squared trigger guard, automatic trigger safety, 9.5 in. OAL, 1.7 lbs. Mfg. 2005-2006.

MODEL 2005

- BB/.175 cal. and .177 pellet, darts, or ballistic bolt, slide action, SP, silver chrome finish, 24-shot BB reservoir, 260 FPS, "Laserhawk" fiber optic front sight, extended barrel, squared trigger guard.

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