CROSMAN CORP. RIFLES Model 101 Period One "Crosman Pneumatic Rifle"
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Model 101 Period One "Crosman Pneumatic Rifle"

- .22 cal. All variations: receiver area where barrel enters is octagonal, walnut stock and forearm, knurled cocking knob, rare in excellent condition. Mfg. late 1925-1929. There is pricing information available for purchase for this model. This data is available in the following options:

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Model 101 Period Two "Crosman Silent Rifle"

- .22 cal. All variations: Receiver area is round where barrel enters, walnut stock, long knurled cocking knob, hexagonal rear sight disc., decal applied to forearm. Mfg. 1930-1940.

Model 101 Period Three

- .22 cal., all models: five-ring cocking knob, hardwood stock and forearm. Mfg. post- WWII (1946-1950+).

Model 101 Period Two "Crosman Silent Rifle" Clickless Variant

- "clickless" (hard rubber) forearm. Mfg. 1938-1939.

MODEL 101 ("1926 MODEL", SILENT .22 RIFLE)

- .22 cal., pneumatic pump, SS, die-cast receiver with logo, pat. Oct. 28, 1924 Crosman Arms Co. Rochester, N.Y. This has been the standard Crosman air rifle for over 25 years. No model number markings, but may show serial numbers, numerous part variations are known: curved vs. straight bolt handles, short vs. medium knurled edge cocking knobs, round stamped aperture discs vs. hexagonal machined discs, various valve details, etc. For identifying post-WWII models see Fletcher`s The Crosman Arms Library, Vol. 2 - Crosman Arms Model 101 & 121-GC Engineering Parts Drawings. Mfg. 1925-1950+.

Model 101 Period Three Sears Variant

- black crinkle finish paint, mfg. 1949-1950 and for some time beyond 1950.

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